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For these transmissions, I use a mix of cartomancy, astrology, bibliomancy, and meditation to gain insights into your present circumstances and to explore the potential paths that lie ahead of you.


After we've set an intention together, these inquiries will serve as the guide rails for exploration into your current state of being, dreams, and possible obstacles/opportunities that may arise.


Within 5-7 days, you'll receive a voice note relaying the stories and visions given to me during my meditation on your energy, along with a photo collage to show your cards and any other relevant imagery that encapsulates the overarching energy and themes unveiled during the session.


This audio/visual summary serves as a powerful tool for reflection, clarity and transformation, allowing you to delve deeper into the energies at play in your current situation.

audio/visual energy reading

  • At the checkout, click or tap on "add a note" to share your intention on what you'd like to explore in this reading.

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