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December 2020 Tarotscopes

Read for your Sun sign (your core identity), Rising sign (your social self), and Moon sign (your inner self) for a broader picture.

Take what resonates and leave the rest!


Page of Pentacles

Time to take an apprentice approach, Aries! December is asking you to really lean into whatever has been piquing your interest lately. What is the thing you’ve been seeking to really dig into and learn more about? This month’s energy is bringing you solid support for learning something with fresh eyes, not just to build practical skills, but also simply for the sake of wonder and awe at just how good it makes you feel.


5 of wands

December may feel like a bit of a battle for you, Taurus. The areas of your life that make you feel tense and boxed in could feel activated this month. If you find yourself comparing yourself to others, pause before reacting. What do you find threatening in them? Is it perhaps something that you wish to gain yourself? Getting clear about the situation before reacting to it will help resolve any issues that may pop up with greater ease. A lot of the time, the boxes we feel trapped in are of our own creation. Sometimes it is as simple as deciding to respond differently than you normally would.


The Sun

You’ll be finding yourself embodying the energy of The Sun this month, Gemini. It’s like you’re tapping directly into the source and getting a chance to recharge on some much needed levity this month. Listen to the guidance of your inner child. What do they want to be doing right this moment? Probably something like dancing, drawing, singing. Like a child, your desires are probably changing moment to moment. Follow these breadcrumbs to joy. Your life is a sandbox. Build a sandcastle, just to knock it down 10 minutes later to build something new. Play!


8 of wands

Things are about to move into hyper-speed, Cancer! All of the work you’ve done on yourself this year has paid off and things will begin to flow more freely now. You should be feeling confident with your ability to ride the wave of the new pace of things. Be sure to take breaks when needed. Rest is still an integral part of the process, no matter how quickly things are happening around you.


6 of pentacles

This month is all about give and take. It's all about balance, Leo. This is a great time to take a good look at your practical skills and material resources. Where are you overflowing? Where could you use some help? The energy is supportive to be in harmony with those around you. If you see an opportunity to exchange goods or services within your community, go for it!


King of Cups

This month is asking you to steady and stabilize your emotional world, Virgo. This can be a tricky energy to inhabit, as The Kings represent mastery and leadership, and the suit of cups represents emotions. Emotions are wild in nature, so attempting to remain in control of them can feel forced, even impossible at times. However, December puts you in this exact position. Have courage in expressing your emotions. Know that others are looking to you for guidance.


2 of wands (reversed)


There is a sense of holding your future in your hands this month, Libra. Are you excited? Or does that make you nervous? Often our brains can confuse excitement for anxiety. Soothe this by getting creative with all the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Getting all of your wild ideas out of your head and onto the page, into a painting, cooked into a meal, etc. can help you cut through the nervousness and get more clear on your vision. Trust that good things are coming. It’s time to meet the universe halfway.


3 of swords

While this month may be a little painful for you, Scorpio, it’s a good time to meditate on the traditional Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi: there is beauty in imperfection. You may have some old, outdated thought patterns re-emerge, and if they do, try not to get entangled in them. Take an observer approach whenever possible. This too shall pass, and when it does, you will be stronger and more beautiful because of it.



It’s time, Sag. The Death card always brings with it a sense of completion. Full surrender. A deep knowing that it’s been a long time coming, and that it’s for the best. This is almost always an internal shift, rather than something that happens to you externally. Where in your life have you felt that you’ve been dragging around a dead corpse? Drop it. With every end, there is also a beginning. During this transition time, try to focus on what gives you life, not what drains you of it.


Judgement (reversed)

A continuation of last month, December brings moments of profound clarity, Capricorn. It’s important to be open to hearing these calls, or you may miss beautiful opportunities for big realizations. Carve out plenty of time just for you this month. Being receptive is key. Forgiveness, directed at yourself and those around you, will be a theme for December. Open your heart and allow it to wash over you. Remember that any feelings of guilt or shame that may arise in this process are simply curveballs in your transformation.


3 of cups

​What’s calling for a celebration, Aquarius? Where does joy live in your life? This month, you’re being asked to be more receptive to this. Indulgence in this energy can be seen as taboo in a society that puts productivity above enjoyment. We can come up against feelings of guilt and uneasiness when we experience moments of pure happiness. Yet, it is your birthright to do so! Have fun this month! Find delight in the simple pleasures of being alive, and be sure to share this newfound reverence with those around you.


4 of cups

There may be a theme of stubborn refusal that runs through December for you, Pisces. The universe wants to hand you new gifts, but are you too busy running an old story in your head to see them? Magic inhabits the mundane, and sometimes we can miss these quiet yet powerful moments if we are expecting it to be a giant fireworks display every time. You’re being asked to sit with and stabilize your emotions. There may be a lot to sift through, and while it can be uncomfortable, sticking with an observer role can bring a lot of benefits to your life this month. A great time to start a meditation practice with the intention to enhance your clarity.

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