November 2020 Tarotscopes

Read for your Sun sign (your core identity), Rising sign (your social self), and Moon sign (your inner self) for a broader picture.

Take what resonates and leave the rest!


4 of pentacles

This month sees you in a stable and steady place, giving you the opportunity to take a closer look at your actions in the world. Are they aligning with your values? This is a great time to examine your beliefs around wealth and stability. What makes you feel most secure? When do you feel most powerful? How can you ready yourself to share this power with those around you?


2 of pentacles

November will be a balancing act for you, Taurus. You’ve been juggling a lot of things, which may have felt overwhelming, but this month you’ll find yourself connecting all of the dots. You’ve arrived at the beginning stages of building new habits and working with, rather than against, the flow of things. There is a playful energy here. Have fun with it.


3 of cups (reversed)

The last few months, you’ve been learning to lean into indulgence, Gemini. Perhaps a little too much? November is asking you to dial it back, just a bit. This is a good time to look at how you go about relaxing and connecting with others. Is it healthy? What small adjustments can you make to how you go about celebrating with your people?


Queen of Wands (reversed)

November brings a chance to get back in touch with your creativity, Cancer. Have you felt blocked lately? Likely it’s simply due to a lack of confidence. Have you been playing the comparison game? If so, get your eyes back on your own paper. What makes you feel full of life? Do more of these things, and remember that you have your own brand of magic to bring to the table. Don’t worry about anyone else this month.


Ace of Wands (reversed)

This month may bring a few false starts for you, Leo. You have so many ideas coming to you, yet if you have too many balls in the air, you may not be able to get any of them off the ground. Pay close attention to any “FUCK YES!” that presents itself. What absolutely lights you up? Let this be your guide to which projects to focus your energy on. Opportunities abound in November, so determining which feels the best to pursue is key.



November is all about balanced action for you, Virgo. It’s time for you to apply what you’ve been learning, the skills that you’ve mastered. This energy will likely be heightened as we move into Sagittarius season on the 22nd, as Sagittarius is ruled by the Temperance card. Being in alignment with the collective energy, you should expect relatively smooth sailing in your endeavors this month. What are you feeling optimistic about? Act on it.


The Devil (reversed)


This month brings an amazing opportunity to shake away any shackles that may remain around your naturally free spirit, Libra. This is a great time to sit with any bad habits you’ve been avoiding dealing with. How did they come about? How have they served you and how have they harmed you? Being honest with yourself about the root cause of these issues is what will pull you through it. Befriend your shadows this month.

"If you meditate and the Devil comes, make the Devil meditate." - G. I. Gurdjieff



Everything seems to be falling into place for you this month, Scorpio. You may find yourself weighing out a lot of options being presented to you. It’s a month of putting what others want from you aside and going with what feels most in alignment for YOU. Remove anything that weighs you down and begin to embrace your Truth. A good old fashioned pros and cons list can be helpful when making decisions throughout this month. Don’t let anyone rush you.


Queen of Cups (reversed)

You may be reluctant, but it’s time to dive into your deepest waters, Sag. What’s holding you back from tapping into this emotional place? Are you afraid of what’s down there? Check all limiting beliefs at the door and just dive in head first. Fear, when made conscious, becomes valuable information. A good time to pay attention to your dreams. Intuitively, what do you think they are telling you? Find ways to act on this subconscious guidance.


Judgement (reversed)

This month brings moments of profound clarity, Capricorn. It’s important to be open to hearing these calls, or you may miss beautiful opportunities for big realizations. Carve out plenty of time just for you this month. Being receptive is key. Forgiveness, directed at yourself and those around you, will be a theme for November. Open your heart and allow it to wash over you. Remember that any feelings of guilt or shame that may arise in this process are simply curveballs in your transformation.


5 of pentacles

This month may feel a bit contractive for you, Aquarius. Pay close attention to any beliefs you may hold around lack. Do you find yourself getting harassed with intrusive thoughts regarding being left out in the cold? What about feelings of never having enough? To shake yourself out of this, make sure you are reaching out to your people. They are still there, despite what your ego is saying. Try to look for small acts of kindness and love everywhere you go. If you’re struggling to find them from others, take on the task for yourself. Giving often leads to receiving.


10 of cups / 10 of pentacles

These 2 cards immediately flew out of the deck together for you this month, Pisces. It just felt right to include them both. The 10s in the tarot represent a culmination point. With cups and pentacles at play, you’re looking at this ending/beginning around home and family from a wide perspective. You may find yourself focused on legacy this month. What values have been instilled in you by your family? How would you like to add your own spin to these traditions now that it’s your turn to lead? This month would be a great time to project yourself into the future. How do you want it to feel and what role do you want to play?

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